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Pase Aaina

Pase Aaina written by Fatima Malik

Pasay aiinaa is a story based upon another torturous reality most individuals face in our society
today. A story about an ambitious girl, a swindler excuse of a husband, and the compulsion to
survive and oapt for a better eventually for the lives she had brought into this malicious world.
Alizay has faced horrendous cruelties of life but refuses to let her children barely the same faith
as her. Shazad had accomplished so much, from all his betrayals, his callous behavior, and his
spiteful lies. And yet at the end of the day; he hasn’t truly accomplished anything, but failed, not
only as a husband and a father, but as well as a human being.

Fatima Malik  is a Social Media writer and now her Novels are being written with Novels Hub. It is a new Addition to Urdu Adab.  Novels Hub is a new platform for new or well known Urdu writers to show their abilities in different genre of Urdu Adab.


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