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Noreen Shaukat


To bring the quality and standard literatureTo Introduce new talent of Writers in the field of urdu adab with the clear motive, I Noreen shaukat as a founder trying to bring finest literature along with my team with the fullest of our honesty and responsibility!

Munzila Gohar

Senior Advisor

With Novelshub, I've gained valuable skills in professional communication, time management, persuasive strategy, and leadership. Engaging with authors and readers has honed my ability to foster connections and promote content effectively. This experience has equipped me with the tools to excel in future endeavours. The goal is to reintroduce readers to high-caliber, worthwhile writing by up-and-coming authors as well as well-known ones, in an effort to improve book reading.

Aqsa Rana

Social Media Manager

Professional Communication is the skill that I have learned after joining Novelshub. Novelshub has boost my confidence and knowledge as a person which is going to help me a lot in my career ahead. I, being a Social Media Manager, want to explore more skills along with Novelshub and lead it to a more engaging, informative and entertaining platform.

Sofia Eman

Graphic Designer

I am a versatile graphic designer, currently contributing my creative expertise to Novelshub. With a keen eye for visual aesthetics and a passion for storytelling through design, I bring a unique flair to book covers, layouts, and promotional materials. Beyond my role at Novelshub , I thrive as a freelancer, collaborating with clients to translate their visions into compelling visuals. My skill set encompasses a diverse range, from logo design to digital illustrations. Committed to delivering captivating and effective designs, I am dedicated to pushing creative boundaries and ensuring each project tells a visually compelling story.

Laveeza Hassan

Social Media Designer

Being Social media Designer of Novels Hub Aims to enhance and improve our social media platforms by beautiful and engaging designs of SMM posts and videos for promotion of literature and Book reading.

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