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Warasat written by Fatima Malik

Warasat is about a wealthy landlord in a village located near multan where the Chaudhry’s mother takes a fancy towards a common mans daughter. Rukaya is enforced into marriage only to provide a heir to the family since Waris Jaan’s first two wives failed to bless him with a son. Waris jaan, was not only fifteen years older than her but was also known to be ruthless throughout the village which resulted in Rukaya fearing the worst. Will she be able to change him or will he too abandon her as soon as she gives birth to his child, or will she too be doomed with the same fate as the others had?

Fatima Malik  is a Social Media writer and now her Novels are being written with Novels Hub. It is a new Addition to Urdu Adab.  Novels Hub is a new platform for new or well known Urdu writers to show their abilities in different genre of Urdu Adab.


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